Memorials and cremation tablets are generally a close collaboration between the client and the studio. The whole process normally takes between six months and a year to complete.


First the client is invited to visit the studio, or if it is more convenient, email and phone, to discuss the size of stone and type of stone, style of lettering and any relief carving or symbols. We have samples of a large range of native stones.


Cemetery and graveyard regulations for the intended site are required at this point. Once all is agreed a design sketch will be sent out to the client for amendment and approval. As soon as it is approved by them, they can then send it on to the appropriate authorities to request the permit.


Having received the permit we will require a 25% deposit so that we can order stone, there is generally a waiting time of between 5 and 10 weeks before the stone arrives.


The carving work takes 2-4 weeks after which we arrange for the stone to be fitted by a registered memorial company.